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Single Page Stories Volume 1 ebook cover

A Few Story Titles and First Sentences

  • BABYSITTER - "What does the sun sound like?" Tina asked the cat.
  • CHOICE - Standing just inside the door of the abandoned lighthouse, the detective used his shoe to nudge a half-eaten peach: two bites, one on either side.
  • CONNECTION - No one noticed the sourberry cream had spoiled, except Nelly.
  • INTERMISSION - “Tea or coffee?” the gorilla asked, laying out a striped beach towel for the balloonist.
  • LOSS - The great water lily cities were dying.
  • PROMISE - Mpho’s grey fur glowed in the sunrise.
  • REVELATION - Biddy O'Shea's had a reputation for the best Irish stew, the slowest bartender, and an Italian ghost.
  • SACKED - Millie managed to get most of the hair away from her face before the comb turned into an octopus.
  • TASTY - In Japan, there is a bat who swallowed a planet.
  • VOLUNTEER - I tried not to stare — I really did, but a rhinoceros-shaped moustache demands attention.