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Acing Tidal Scions ebook cover

Acing Tidal Scions

A collection of 16 fanciful Single Page Stories whose titles are anagrams of "social distancing." 

Each story in this collection is less than 300 words, presented with artwork by Tithi Luadthong, and self-isolates in that it is not related to any of the other stories.

None of the stories are specifically about the coronavirus (COVID-19) or the pandemic.

These are speculative fiction adventures, ranging from fantasy to science fiction to magical realism.

The audiobook is read by Marcelle McGuirk.

Story Titles

To help you get a feel for what's in this book, here are all of the titles and the first sentences of their related story. Using anagrams of "social distancing" was just a way to create unique writing prompts. Some titles remained connected to the final version of the story. Others, not so much.

  1. ACING TIDAL SCIONS – Laura flexed her hands, watching through her VR goggles how the gloves of her spacesuit did the same.
  2. CALICO DATING SINS – After two attempts to upload his profile picture, Snowball finished his listing on the CatNip app.
  3. CASINO ACTS IDLING – Ellis and Cavney stood in the street, taking in the destruction.
  4. CLASSIC INDIGO ANT – I thought he was a mannequin dressed in a gas mask and suit of dusk orange with a windowpane pattern.
  5. CLINIC GOADS SAINT – Penrose's monitors caught on fire, freaking out the intern.
  6. COLD GIN IS IN A CAST – When my desdeer Gin lost one of her hind legs fighting a sand snake, we augmented her other leg instead of putting her down.
  7. DANCING TO SILICAS – BreakRod entered the 200th Annual Ten-World Rally in his trusty, rusty minivan.
  8. ICONIC DATA SLINGS – Ragner studied the laser net cast through the floating rocks.
  9. INACTION GALS DISC – He was stupid and cheated.
  10. ACING CANS IDIOTS – "A company man can't understand; always moving colony to colony."
  11. SAD ACTING SILICON – "She said I didn't understand her needs."
  12. SANCTA LOCI SIDING – George admired the beauty of the cascading water over the broken concrete walls, his phone at his side while his boss cursed the cost of the repairs.
  13. SLOGAN IN CACTI IDS – Oliver's family tree was more like an old growth forest, so when he received a package from a Great-Aunt Midge, he opened it.
  14. STADIA SONG CLINIC – Reaching the end of the Level 1 course, Cassie's throat burned as if she'd been screaming in the wasteland.
  15. 15. STIG SOLIDI CANCAN – If anyone could create a marketing persona for an alien race that the judgmental population of Earth would accept, it was Isaacs.
  16. TALONS SIGN ACIDIC – The holographic bird hovered in front of Angie's face.
Acing Tidal Scions interior art - Casino Acts Idling
Acing Tidal Scions interior art - Classic Indigo Ant
Acing Tidal Scions interior art - Cold Gin is in a Cast
Acing Tidal Scions interior art - Sad Acting Silicon
Acing Tidal Scions interior art - Stadia Song Clinic